Affordable Websites

In the new “Web 2.0” era, there is much new to talk about building Affordable Websites. The term itself is taken from technology and generally referred to the Internet. It is a combination of the term “Affordable Web Design “Web 2.0” which means the Internet has been overhauled and everything is a new and exciting thing to do. The unfortunate truth of this, is that many of the sites on the Internet that are beautiful, functional, and use these concepts, tend to be extremely expensive and difficult to build and maintain.

The term “Affordable Websites” is somewhat of a misnomer, as they are really more than that. They are sites that, while are not expensive, are generally a tiny fraction of the cost of building them.

But is this truly the case? Many of the premium sites on the Internet are often built up of a ton of other cheap content, for a small fraction of the price of a Premium Site.

What is required for Affordable Web Design is a lot of knowledge and skills, and not so much to do with the materials and tools needed to build these sites. Learning what goes into building an Affordable Website starts with the design of the website itself.

They are really designed for a non-dedicated reader. They are usually designed as mini-sites that are small enough to be managed from a single site-home-page. The designer is building it with the “work-from-home” advantages of word-press (e.g. it is easy to keep on the go, not requiring a machine-machine to build, etc.)

The large sites do not need to be as high traffic as the small sites do. Most Small sites use a single domain (e.g. one to support the Homepage), and are most of the time run off of forums (which often use one php script – in the end)

Even though the Blog Model and other blogs of the Web 2.0 Era were creating to create Platforms that host several topics in the same fashion, it is very difficult to maintain a lot of forum sites with their variety of guests. Many times you end up deleting ones that seem to not be helping your business and creating duplicate content and whatnot.

One concept used to be called “Single-site-Web 2.0”. The “Single-Site-Web” is usually hosted at one site, while the other part of the site hosted on the Cloud. This allows you to keep a site up, without a lot of upkeep (if you are building the product yourself), or the “obstacles” of running and maintaining and hardware dedicated to the site (no wan problems with your bandwidth or connections).

Affordable Websites are basically sites that are less than $1000 (or less) in cost per month to run. Because they are small, they do not require a ton of software and tools. However, they do need to be staffed and have a good admin area, which is often built on the Web 2.0 Platform, making the blog a much better experience than many “Premium” sites.

While building Affordable Websites is not that difficult, if you are not familiar with the “Content Management Systems” and are doing a “Web 2.0” “Style” of design, it may be a good idea to go with a platform that provides a much better set of tools to keep the site up, and help you run it. This way, the software and “Cloud-based” platform you choose will help you with this and will help you with other aspects of the site, to manage content, ads, etc.

Affordable Websites are definitely a thing, and they are becoming more common. The increase in people using the Web, and the information age that it is, means that people are creating content on the Web that is in a very real way an internet business, because it is very easy to put a small website together, and allow it to generate some big profits, too.