Easy Steps to Conduct Website Security Audit

Website security audit is not really a tough task. It is important because you will be able to check the website for its many vulnerabilities and weaknesses. If the web host company or the web programmer fails to secure the website, your personal information, financial data, photos, personal information etc.

Website security audit should be conducted at the first time of setting up the website. This is the best way to detect any possible security problems in the website. You must choose a web host which provides security audits. For doing this, you have to hire a professional.

It is better if you hire a professional security firm to do the job. The most common way of conducting security audits is making use of static site generator or software.

Static site generator lets you take advantage of various tools which are specially designed to scan the entire website for security issues. These tools also let you generate a report of the security vulnerabilities found.

There are several tools used to conduct static site security checks. Such tools can be found online. Once you are aware of the tools you need to install it on your website.

Another effective tool which allows you to detect any security issue is DSN. DSN stands for dynamic service identification. If the website is vulnerable to malicious hackers, DSN will help you find the identity of such hackers by the way of checking if their IP address.

After installing DSN, simply set it to analyze the website and then notify the web host. A notification message will be sent to the web host, informing them about the problem.

After running this tool, you have to get the service id of the attacker. The web host can retrieve the service id of the hacker by using an application called ‘IP black ‘IP Shodan’.

One of the advantages of conducting the website security audit is that it helps you see whether the website is secure. This is a very critical phase, since attackers often target websites that are not secure.

By knowing whether the website is secure, you will be able to block user names and passwords from being saved on the server. The hackers will not be able to log into the server without the username and password.

Whenever a company plans to set up a website, they should consult the web host before they start the project. This will prevent them from developing the wrong website and jeopardizing their security and privacy.

It is not difficult to get a website security audit done. However, the security audit should be performed by a qualified professional who has all the necessary knowledge and expertise in the field.