How Do You Know If Your WordPress Is Working Properly?

Most people who use a website are unaware of the fact that they need to take WordPress maintenance seriously. The WordPress platform is the most popular platform in the world of website development, but this popularity has led to some high-risk mistakes and also to the need for several WordPress maintenance tasks.

First of all, WordPress maintenance is one of the most important functions of a website. It’s not just the maintenance of the plugins and the themes; it’s also the ability to make sure that each and every plugin is working properly.

It’s not uncommon for plugins to break down, especially with WordPress. In this case, it’s important that the maintenance team is well-versed in the new trends in the industry. They should be in place when a new update happens so that all the functions are restored quickly.

WordPress maintenance is also essential when there is an issue with the blog’s settings. It may be that you’ve gone through the process of setting up your blog, but something goes wrong and then all your settings go out of date.

Because of the nature of the blog, it’s a good idea to ask for help from the maintenance team when such a problem happens. It’s even better if you’re able to do the maintenance yourself.

WordPress maintenance also deals with security issues. It may be that you are a member of a site such as The New York Times’ Open Blogs network. But, the result of an issue with your blog could be disastrous for the NYTimes.

WordPress maintenance is also important because it determines the kind of SSL certificate you have. It is a responsibility of any webmaster to have a good SSL certificate, because a bad SSL certificate can render your website vulnerable to spyware and viruses.

For example, in Google Analytics, a bad SSL certificate can cause the server to reject email that is sent from a spammer. Some of the more advanced extensions for Google Analytics such as the Spybot extension actually work by inspecting the traffic from a website and determining whether or not it is legitimately visiting the website.

Because of these reasons, it’s important that you take WordPress maintenance very seriously. And, as you can see, WordPress maintenance isn’t just about the plugins.

Most WordPress sites are in need of a WordPress upgrade. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and if your site isn’t protected by a good WordPress upgrade, you might be in a lot of trouble.

So, if you haven’t been reading many of my WordPress security tips, I encourage you to start today. Your website can be the best thing to happen to your company, but it can only work properly if the WordPress platform is functioning properly.