The Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing Website Packages

Website Packages from web hosting providers is often seen as a good alternative to purchasing individual websites. However, there are disadvantages associated with using website packages that make the decision not to purchase one from a provider the wisest choice. Some of these disadvantages involve not only the cost of the hosting package, but also the amount of disk space and bandwidth required to host a single website.

Typically, if you want to purchase a single website from a web host, you are asked to pay for the domain name separately from the server account. For example, when you request a domain name through your hosting account, you may be asked to enter the same information that was provided for your server as well.

Website packages also usually come with a one-time fee to allow you to register as a new customer for the lifetime of the website hosting account. The fees associated with these packages vary by the hosting company and is usually based on the amount of data that will be stored on the server.

Websites that are hosted on packages are usually limited in their geographical reach. A majority of providers have locations in a handful of countries.

Although most of the companies offering website packages are smaller businesses that have been successful in providing web hosting services, there are some large companies that also offer packages. In some cases, the main focus of these companies is to provide affordable web hosting service to small businesses.

Since these businesses often only have a few websites, they often offer packages that offer unlimited domains or packages that offer two domains for the price of one. These types of packages do not allow you to host multiple websites on a single account, which may be a problem if you already have several websites under your name.

Website packages from companies such as GoDaddy or HostGator offer unlimited domains for less than $10 per month. You can even buy hosting for a home or small business and then purchase additional domains with that account at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them individually.

Some companies only offer one domain. There are some providers that offer two domains at a lesser price than a package with three domains.

Some providers also offer additional web pages and additional bandwidth. Even if you purchase a single website, you can always purchase additional domains later if you have more businesses.

Some web hosting companies do not offer additional web pages, so if you wish to install software onto each website, you will have to purchase a separate package that will include web hosting software for each website. While this would seem like a waste of money, it would be much cheaper to purchase the packages for all your websites as opposed to purchasing them all separately.

Many hosting companies also provide server accounts that are sold in packages. These accounts will allow you to add storage space and bandwidth, although you are limited in the amount of space and bandwidth that you can add to your account.

If you need extra server space for a website that you are running from your home, you can find server space on a package that comes with one single website. If you use this option, however, the amount of space that you can add is limited.