WordPress Maintenance Packages – Manages Your Website With Ease

WordPress Maintenance Packages is the answer if you are looking to upgrade or maintain your current website. WordPress is by far the most popular blogging platform on the internet today. With millions of users, it has grown into a robust content management system with a huge number of add-ons and plug-ins available for users. With this large user base, comes a responsibility to make sure that you take care of all aspects of your website. Whether that is just adding new posts, changing existing ones or even adding a new theme or plug-in, there are maintenance options for every need.

With the core system is relatively stable, there have been few major changes since the initial release. This stability has however been mirrored in the core system itself, which has been built from the ground up over the last twelve months. There are some great new additions such as the latest Theme Engine Plugins, which is aimed at making your website much more flexible. WPZoo have also added their highly functional Article Marketing plug-in which gives article marketers even more opportunities to build targeted back links and increase their traffic. In addition to these two great additions, there are also updates to the MySQL database which gives the site much more flexibility when it comes to creating pages, updating data and searching for specific information.

As well as the core WordPress maintenance suite, there are a number of different options when it comes to upgrading your blog. One such upgrade is the CyberVise plug-in. This unique WordPress plugin offers a number of different options for users such as the ability to choose a different template for each individual post. It also allows the publishing of multiple posts across multiple domains, which is useful for bloggers who are multi domain by nature.

Another great upgrade that is now included with most WPzoo maintenance packages is the SEO Spinner plug-in. This amazing WordPress plugin not only improves your search engine rankings, but will also dramatically increase the amount of time it takes your visitors to read through your content. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can transform any blog into an informative authority on its subject. Best of all, the spinner will also change the title and body of each post automatically, saving you countless hours in editing your blog.

Of course, another feature included in all of the WPzoo themes and plugins is the WordPress Backup Plug-in. This simple plugin automates the creation of backup images from your original images or your site’s database. These backups can be safely transferred over to another computer for use in the future. The built in scheduler makes it easy to set a backup date and time.

Most of the themes and plugins offered by WPZoo also include the Social Media Picker plugin. With this handy WPzoo add-on, you can easily manage multiple social media accounts from your WordPress admin panel. You no longer have to manually add all of your accounts to your autoresponder. You can easily update the information for each, post each social media feed, and even schedule future posts and updates.

WP Mobile MMS and Wap v Twitters are two more popular maintenance packages offered by the website building company. With these two easy to use widgets, your customers can easily send you a text message with a photo of their current situation. If you are using Facebook, then you can show a photo of a product at the top of your blog post. Both of these great WordPress plugins updates the messages you send in real time, so you never miss a single client. You don’t have to worry about writing hundreds of posts for every client.

Your WordPress site doesn’t have to slow you down when you are trying to run a business. With the right WordPress maintenance package, you can run your business smoothly with little worry or stress. With monthly updates and free WordPress plugins, you can get the most out of your website and keep yourself updated with the most up to date information for your customers. Check out the maintenance packages offered by a number of great companies today. You will be glad you did!