WordPress Security Audit

What if a major search engine like Google finds out your site is compromised? Have you even thought about the importance of a white hat white version of the search engine or a white hat security scan service to ensure the integrity of your site?

If a search engine would like to have the full functionality of your site, then they need a full white hat version of your site, a full white hat version that includes every possible attack vector, the best possible configuration and can be easily updated to meet the ever-changing threats, and also includes any security updates they have made in the past. If you have an updated white hat security scanner, the full white hat version of your site will work flawlessly, as Google will not be able to see any other content on the internet besides the contents of your site.

A full white hat version would be great for any online business owner, as it protects them from everything including hacking, phishing, black hat SEO techniques and other issues that can cause their site to be compromised. If they can add a security scan with their brand name consider how much customers would actually go for it and even more importantly how they can gain better ranking on Google and other search engines if they can use a white hat service which can also add some basic security checks.

A major search engine such as Google would need to see all your site contents so they can rank your website in terms of relevance. For instance, a site that is not properly optimized or has an outdated design would be of little use to Google because their algorithm only sees relevant content from a website’s content. To do this, Google will do a comprehensive white hat security audit, which is essential to their search results and they will use this information to rank you.

If you cannot afford a professional white hat SEO company to carry out your audits for you, there are still ways to check if a major search engine would be willing to have an audit for your site. These audits can include all aspects of your site such as the security, the meta tags, the content and all the pages in your site, and the way in which you update your content, the way your meta tags are written, and how you make sure that your keywords are included in your meta tags, and how your meta tags are coded.

If you can get these audits done by a professional SEO company for less than $200, then it would save you thousands of dollars and hours of research time and this would not take more than two days or weeks for Google to complete the process and have a final ranking of your site. When you have this done, it would give a major search engine and major search engines such as Google an excellent indication that you have taken all precautions to protect your site and that it is secure.

For example, what if Google were to see your site was hacked and had been taken over by some hackers, then if this happened to your site would probably be blacklisted and you could find your ranking on Google affected. But with a good white hat security audit, this wouldn’t happen, as it would not show up because the search engine would be able to see the white hat SEO approach that you have taken and your site would be allowed to rank without having to suffer from a major black hat SEO approach.

You would be allowed back on the internet, but as an example the most popular search engine would see that your site was protected with a black hat SEO technique, which means your site may only rank if it has all security measures in place. so it is worth spending the money to hire a professional white hat SEO service to conduct the WordPress security audit on your website and also get a full white hat search engine ranking audit.